What we do


Our latest addition to the practice is a DEAP OSCILLATION THERAPY machine, this is an incredible treatment for inflammation, swelling, pain and can treat a wide variety of issues. It treats inflammation DEAP, where it matters.


Dry needling

We are both fully qualified in post-graduate dry needling. Needles are inserted into muscle trigger points (those stiff and painful “knoppe”!), and when the needle is inserted correctly the trigger point releases and relaxes. Quicker and more effective than going in deep with our thumbs – also less painful believe it or not!

Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy

Or shortly known as OMT. This is specific techniques performed on joints and also the vertebrae. We have extensive training in this area and OMT is very effective for pain relief. Think of nerves impinging in the lower back vertebrae…some OMT may be all you need.


Heat/Cold (Healing, pain relief and preventative)

Certain forms of heat or cold are crucial during the healing process. We use different forms of heat and cold as necessary during treatment. At the practice we use special heat packs that have clay inside for deeper, prolonged heat.

Massage (Healing, pain relief and preventative)

There are many different massage techniques that we apply in aid of pain relief and healing. Lymph oedema massage for mastectomy (breast/underarm kliere), Miofascial release massage for muscle injures or tendinosis, and many more. We also treat scars very effectively for minimal scar-tissue formation and pain.



Meaning ‘machines’ that we apply to muscles or joint. At De Villiers Physiotherapists we make use of a Photizo ® which is a light/infrared therapy unit, combining all the most beneficial rays of light for fast and effective healing. We also use electrical stimulations to modulate pain and increase healing, also known as T.E.N.S.


Rehabilitation, posture and exercise

Physio’s are movement specialists. We know that the body heals with specific movements as God created it to. Thus we prescribe specific exercises for specific conditions for specific people. So be ready to move when visiting us, maybe with some therabands, balls or balance boards. Many pain also sprouts from incorrect posture…we do a full posture evaluations using a special programme that will aid you in how to easily correct your own posture.


You’ve seen the red/blue/flesh colour tape on the Springboks yes? This was a post-graduate course that we now use daily! And NO, strapping isn’t only for sports people. Strapping with Leukotape K is a treatment for many conditions if applied by a trained Physio, like us.


Many other movement occupations claim to treat nerves these days. Watch out for some of them. Physios are trained specifically in how to treat neural pain (from nerves). Because our body works as one big unit, the joint cannot be affected without the muscle also being affected without the nerve in that area also being affected. Neglecting to treat the neural component will lead to insufficient recovery and most probably recurring symptoms.


A great way to exercise in a group class which will challenge you. Pilates has many benefits from improved strength, endurance, flexibility, posture and weight loss. The exercises focuses on the stabilising core muscles to help decrease pain and improve performance.


From four years at varsity (obtaining a honours degree) and post-graduate courses we are familiar with many more techniques to help you get back to your normal self as soon as possible.