Many people are not aware of how vast the treatment field of a Physiotherapist is. Remember you do not need a doctor’s referral letter to consult a Physiotherapist

Here follows a complete list for your convenience:


This basically means pain anywhere, any joint, any muscle any nerve……name it we can probably treat it or make your pain feel way better! Treatment compromises a number of modalities to eliminate pain and speed up total recovery (see treatment modalities). We also love hand therapy!


Whether a hip- or knee-replacement, inserted screws or pens, lower back fusions, disc replacements, or fractures and broken bones…Physiotherapy is crucial for optimal recovery. You will already receive Physio in-hospital if the injury was operated on and there after on an out-patient basis. Lourens especially loves treating the temporal-mandible-joint (jaw joint).

Anything to do with the chest and lungs….thus bronchitis, pneumonia, fibrosis,  asbestosis,  emphysema  asthma,  croup, lung cancer  TB, lung surgery, and the list goes on. Physiotherapists are also very important in the ICU/high care situation where a patient is connected to breathing machines (ventilators). Children and small babies are also effectively treated with chest physiotherapy techniques to improve air entry, oxygen saturation, breathing capacity and to prevent secretions and further infection or prolonged hospitalization. We also have very good results treating sinusitis!


Are you receiving any type of heart surgery? Your Physio will be next to your bed on your first day post-operative or even pre-operative. Or do you suffer from a cardiovascular condition? Seek a physio’s help in how to exercise and strengthen your heart and general physique.


Most people can associate a physio with sport injuries, but we also play a big part in preventing injuries with specific conditioning programmes, strengthening, strapping, etc. From those nasty ankle sprains or knee ligaments, to the overworked muscle spasm we see it all. Keeping all your muscles and joints in place for your next race or game.


Are you receiving major surgery? Maybe abdominal, cancer (breast mastectomy), muscle tendon repairs, back surgery or an amputation (shortening of a leg or arm)? We will be there aiding you in early mobilization, if you require help with walking, or need some crutches at the beginning. Specific movements and exercises are vital for normal recovery! Don’t delay.


We are probably the most important people you will be seeing for the longest time if you should get a stroke (cerebral vascular accident). Rehabilitation will form part of your daily life, in learning how to walk, eat, use your hands etc. again. Head injuries (from car accidents) require the same type of rehabilitation.


Persons who suffer from spinal cord injuries present with lameness, loss of control, loss of sensation or combination of these from a certain level, depending on the level of spinal injury. Injuries to the cord at the neck level usually present symptoms from the neck and down. Physio’s help rehabilitate these patients to prevent stiffness and muscle shortening as well as pressure sores, that can be detrimental (from loss of movement). The limbs that can’t move need to be moved specifically by ‘n qualified physio for optimal recovery and a high quality of life.


Babies and children with neurological or orthopaedic conditions need physiotherapy to prevent and treat any developmental delays. Our small people also need lots of help from a physio if they suffer from any respiratory of cardiovascular condition.



Our elderly are very special folk that need very special care. We do home visits for persons to fragile to be transported and assist them in maintaining a good quality of life even in their old age, especially with regards to walking, moving and doing basic everyday life activities independantly.

Womens Health

Physiotherapy can be a very important part of treating women’s issues. Prolapses (bladder or uterus decention), leaking bladders, mastitis (painful breasts), pregnancy related lower back pain or carpal tunnel, etc. Physios are also experts on exercising specifically during pregnancy to prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions later in life.


Pilates classes for strengthening, stretching, weight loss, posture and endurance is available with our classes that is presented by Lize-Marie. She is a trained APPI Pilates instructor who will test your ability and endurance on most days. Pilates works on those stabilising muscles in your body that help maintain your posture throughout the day.

If you are uncertain whether we can help for your specific condition don’t hesitate to give us a ring or send us a mail